At Drony Aerials we specialise in remote aerial and ground cinematography solutions for films, advertisements, events. Capturing the world from a Different Perspective. Delivering turnkey services specialising in remotely operated drones and cine systems Since 2019

It all began with passion on drones and slowly into cinematography. We’re one of the early service providers for events and documentaries. Today we have expertise in complete video production for our clients. Over 50+ happy clients who are still relying on our dedication we continue to deliver services at our very best.

With all pre-flight checks, local laws regulations and safety checks we’re proud to hold a perfect safety track record. With modern day advancements in drone technology, directors, cinematographers, photographers and VFX teams can direct drones with precision into otherwise impossible or difficult scenarios. Our team together with the latest drone and cinematic technology can offer many benefits to your next project. 

We are passionate and committed to our craft. Client and creative relationships are of primary importance, we work hard to openly communicate and build trust. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to flying with you!